Untying Development

Governance reforms are common in development. Unfortunately, recent research shows that they often lead to governments that look better but do not produce better results. This workshop presents examples of such reforms and asks if the governance agenda could have more impact.

The workshop builds on work emerging in our Building State Capability program (including the recent book by Matt Andrews and articles by Andrews, Lant Pritchett, and Michael Woolcock).

This work draws on perspectives from across the disciplines and the October 23 event brings some of these voices together to discuss the challenge of creating a governance agenda that focuses on solving country-specific problems, involves local people through flexible and context-fitted processes, and emphasizes learning in the reform process.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Allison Dining Room & Malkin Penthouse
79 JFK Street
Littauer Building
Cambridge, MA 02138

Allison Dining Room, 5th Floor Taubman Building
Time Event/Speakers

Governance with Impact? [Video]

Moderated by:

Matt Andrews - Associate Professor of Public Policy, HKS


Francis Fukuyama - Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow, Stanford University 

Merilee Grindle - Edward S. Mason Professor of International Development, HKS 

11:30-11:45am Break

Unleashing Local Agents for Change [Video]

Moderated by:

Salimah Samji - Fellow, Center for International Development, HKS


Michael Woolcock - Lecturer in Public Policy, HKS; Lead Social Development Specialist, World Bank

Jennifer Brinkerhoff - Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs, George Washington University 

1:15-2:00pm Break
Malkin Penthouse, 4th Floor Littauer Building

New Practice in Action [Video]

Moderated by:

Alasdair Roberts - Rappaport Professor of Law and Public Policy, Suffolk University


Peter Harrington - Fulbright Scholar at HKS; former Deputy Country Head for the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative 

Nadim Matta - President and founding Board member of the Rapid Results Institute

Jennifer Widner - Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University 


Useful Evaluation [Video]

Moderated by:

Rohini Pande - Mohammed Kamal Professor of Public Policy, HKS


Lant Pritchett - Professor of the Practice of International Development; Co-Chair MPA/ID Program, HKS

Robert Klitgaard - University Professor, Claremont Graduate University 

5:45-6:00pm Closing Remarks